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Pre-Made Packages

Pre-Made image packages include things like sermon graphics for literal seasons, scripture images for social networking, and engagement posts for social networking. You can purchase a package at a time for $5-15. These can be tweaked slightly at no cost. All scripture images are made in CEB translation, but if you want them updated to NIV, NRSV, RSV, NLT, etc. just message me after your purchase, and I can update the image to match.

Custom Sermon Packages

If you have a sermon idea but need graphics to go with it, I can make a custom package for $25. This package will include

  • PowerPoint or Keynote template in 16:9 and 5:4

  • Cover Photos for Facebook and Twitter

  • Scripture Images for the scriptures of your choice for social networking

Social Media Management

Do you wish you had someone to help manage your social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? These platforms are vital, but for someone who is a staff of one or two, who has the time. For $25 a month, I will post on your social platforms, including graphics creation. Get engaging posts, have inspiring scriptures and build your following. If you do blog posts or an online publication, just send it on, and I’ll put that on the platforms for you as well.


Website Updates

If you’re looking to free up time in your work schedule, then I can help update content on your church site weekly. These updates are limited to events, blog content, and minor ministry updates. This is not a significant re-do of your site, but the regular maintenance required to keep your content up-to-date. For $25 a month, your website will be updated just by sending an email.

Website Evaluation

Having a website that communicates clearly for your church is essential. Most often, a person will check out your website before he or she visits your church. Get a fresh set of eyes to evaluate your site. When done, I will provide you with a report that gives you the strong points of your website, the essential things learned, the questions I had when I was done, and suggestions for how to improve it. The $100 you’ll spend is like a secret shopper for your church website.

Website Redo

Considering Re-doing your website completely? Contact me, and we can talk about your site, your platform, what you’re wanting to do, and what the cost would be. This is calculate based on your project.