Philemon 1:1

Paul, a prisoner for Christ Jesus, and Timothy our brother,
To Philemon our beloved fellow worker

-Philemon 1:1, ESV

This was the book I studied this morning in my devotions, so being it was my last day of vacation, I decided to illustrate it. Paul is writing to Philemon reminding him of their partnership in the faith and pleading to him to take mercy on Philemon's runaway slave Onesimus that Paul has met in Ephesus. Paul is asking that Philemon spare Onesiumus the punishment he deserves and welcome him home as a brother in the faith. This passage resonated with me this morning because of all the times God asks us to grant people mercy because they are brothers or sisters in the faith.

Technique Used:

I used Acrylic Paint scraping here with free lettering on top. There was no page prep underneath.