Exodus 40:34-35

34 Then the cloud covered the Tabernacle, and the glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle. 35 Moses could no longer enter the Tabernacle because the cloud had settled down over it, and the glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle.. - Exodus 40:34-35

I'm not sure what the cloud filled with the Glory of the Lord looked like, and I'm sure it didn't look like this, but I didn't think I could actually depict it, so I just made vivid color. What a sight it must have been to see the tabernacle filled.

Technique Used

This is actually water color although it doesn't look like it. It was my first time using it in my Bible. I hadn't touched it sense I was a kid. I used a lot more paid and a lot less water. It does have gesso as page prep underneath. Then afterwards I used stamps to put the words on top.