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Churchless people are all around us: among our closest loved ones, at our workplaces, in our neighborhoods. And more and more, they are becoming the norm: The number of churchless adults in the US has grown by nearly one-third in the past decade. Yet the startling truth is that many of these people claim they are looking for a genuine, powerful encounter with God—but they just don’t find it in church. What are they (or we) missing? How can we better reach out to them? What can we say or do that would inspire them to want to join a community of faith? Containing groundbreaking new research from the Barna Group, and edited by bestselling authors George Barna (Revolution) and David Kinnaman (You Lost Me), Churchless reveals the results of a five-year study based on interviews with thousands of churchless men and women. Looking past the surface of church attendance to deeper spiritual realities, Churchless will help us understand those who choose not to be part of a church, build trust-based relationships with them, and be empowered to successfully invite them to engage.

My Review:

I've actually read this book twice. It's a quick read in many ways, but it has a lot of technical data in it, which is why I gave it 4 stars. It has some good info, but doesn't break things down into generations very well. The book does state that the number one way to get people to church today is still personal invitation, but that it has become less successful. I think it is wise for any church leader or ministry person to be aware of Barna's research and to keep it in mind when doing church work. I wouldn't recommend it to a lay person though.