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The term circuit rider goes back to the beginning of Methodism. The early Methodist pastors would have a circuit or a group of churches they served. They would visit a church, then ride on to the next church, then the next, until they completed the circuit, then circle back round to the beginning. Today most Methodist pastors only serve one church, although some still have a multi-point charge.

Francis Asbury statue, Wilmore Kentucky

Francis Asbury statue, Wilmore Kentucky

I decided to name my blog The Circuit Rider in honor of these early Methodist preachers. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism said, β€œThe World is my Parrish.”

I see this as my call as well. Although I currently serve as Shalimar United Methodist Church, in Shalimar, Florida, I serve God everywhere I go. That could be at the Harley dealership, spending time with fellow riders, at the grocery store, running between appointments, at gymnastics where I am just being mom, or on the beach enjoying the sunshine.


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