Designed by Faith
The Staff Member You Don't Have to Hire



Do you see those big churches and wish you had the staff to keep up? What if you could:

  • Have Eye Catching Graphics

  • Good Social Networking Content

  • Engaging Sermon Graphics

  • Bumper Videos

  • And More

All without having to hire someone in the church to design things for you.

I am a 2nd generation pastor in the United Methodist Church who has served my past and current churches by using my skills in computers and social networking to connect with those outside the walls of the church. Being an older millennial who has grown up with the development of social networking, watching pages like MySpace and Facebook develop and evolve, I understand the importance of connecting with people online through our Christian perspective.

Let me worry about keeping up with the latest trend and research, while you focus on your church. I can offer a variety of services, like helping with daily posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I can help you understand what’s needed to attract followers on your page so that people find your church more effectively. I can even help you promote your church during high engagement seasons like Advent, Lent, and Back to School.

Consider me your on-call creative. No matter how you preach, I can help you find a graphic to help non-church people relate to it.